File Formats Wiki

The File Format Wiki deals with the various file formats used to store information, such as text, music, lists, etc.

Aside from file formats, it also discusses data transfer concepts in general.


The top goals in this wiki include:

  • Providing general information / overview for specific file formats
  • Providing specification or links to specification to file formats


The subcategory Category:Content contains the following:

  • File formats
    Our main focus, these discuss file formats, language syntax, and specification.
  • Character encoding
    These are methods used to convert text into binary and vice-versa.
  • Data structures
    These are standard data types and structures commonly found in programming languages.
  • Persistence
    These discuss some abstract methods of persistence aside from using formats.
  • Standards
    These are standards that some formats may or must follow in general.
  • Data compression

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