Filename extension .m3u
Internet media type audio/x-mpegurl
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Type Playlist
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M3U (from MP3 URL) is a playlist file format.

Specification[edit | edit source]

An M3U file always starts with a line containing #EXTM3U.

It then follows pairs of lines specifying information about the file and a path to the file. For example:

<span class="c-directive">#EXTINF:<span class="c-number">372,<span class="c-string">Sample song
C:\Users\J\Music\Sample song.mp3

Here, #EXTINF: starts the line with the information about the song. The following number is the length of the song, in seconds. Following is a comma, then the title of the song. The next line specifies the path, either absolute or relative, to the song.

Comments may be specified by preceding a whole line with a number sign (#), but be careful as some extended formats may conflict with this syntax. Generally, placing comments is impractical with playlists.

The length of a song may also be specified as -1, where the path leads to a stream instead of a file.

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