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Open XML Paper Specification

Filename extension .xps, .oxps
Internet media type application/oxps, application/
Developed by Microsoft +, Ecma International +
Type Page description language
Document file format
Website ECMA-388
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The Open XML Paper Specification (OpenXPS) is a specification for a page description language for documents for printing. It follows the Open Packaging Convention.

It has various features such as transparency, color gradients, multiple ink systems, and CMYK color spaces. Vector graphics are supported through DrawingML of the Open Packaging Convention.

It was intially developed by Microsoft as the XML Paper Specification (XPS); it was standardized by Ecma as ECMA-388.

In Windows Vista, documents can be converted to XPS by printing through the virtual XPS printer driver. XPS documents can be viewed through the XPS viewer. The viewer is hosted in Internet Explorer in Windows Vista.

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