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Filename extension .rar, .rev
Internet media type application/x-rar-compressed
Developed by Eugene Roshal
Type Archive format
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RAR (Roshal Archive) is a proprietary archive format. It supports data compression, error recovery, and file spanning. It was developed by Eugene Roshal. RAR files are supported by commercial software, particularly WinRAR.

The filename extension used by RAR is .rar for the data volume set and .rev for the recovery volume set. In previous versions, if a RAR-archive was broken into many smaller files (a "multi-volume archive"), then the smaller files used the extensions .rar, .r00, .r01, .r02 etc.

Version 1 and 2 archive files were often used in conjunction with a parchive file archiver to create parity files for error recovery when using less-than-perfect file transmission and storage media such as newsgroups, satellite transmission, and optical discs. Version 3 has eliminated the need for third party post-processing.


There are currently three versions of RAR:

  • RAR (version 1)
  • RAR2
  • RAR3 (current version) - used by WinRAR 2.9+