Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language

Filename extension .smil
Internet media type application/smil+xml
Developed by World Wide Web Consortium +
Standard SMIL
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The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) is a W3C recommendation for rich multimedia presentations based on XML.


An SMIL document is identified by the root element <smil>. It contains an optional <head> and a required <body> element, which contains the content of the presentation.


The <head> element under <smil> defines general information about the presentation.

There are three possible valid children of head, namely layout, meta and switch.

The layout element defines the layout of the presentation. It may be either presented in Cascading Style Sheets or the SMIL layout functionality.


A <seq> element defines a sequence and will display its contents sequentially.

A <par> element defines parallel display and will display its contents at the same time.

A <excl> element defines that only one of its elements should be presented.

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